Available Plan Packages

E-commerce is the backbone of a profitable Web site, Link Tech is committed to providing secure and reliable solutions to ensure that your e-store is always open, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We help merchants benefit from the same e-commerce technologies that many Fortune 500 companies spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to create and maintain internally. Terms
Microsoft® FrontPage® version 2002, 2003
Microsoft® FrontPage® version 2000 and
SharePoint™ Team Services Microsoft® FrontPage® gives you everything you need to easily create and manage great Web sites!
Web Hosting Package Deal includes:
Your web site with up to 5 pages, including search, site overview and feedback page.


Your Domain Name Registration Fees 

Web Hosting for one full year 

Up to 10 e-mail accountsFor only: $995.00 Terms

Personal Web Hosting
your own domain name
(registration fees no included)

up to 50 MB of Disk Storage 

unlimited Data Transfer 

up to 5 e-mail accounts/ distribution listsFor only:$15/month Terms

Business Web Hosting
your own domain name
(registration fees no included)

up to 100 MB of Disk Storage

unlimited Data Transfer

up to 10 e-mail accounts/distribution lists

For only:$25/month Terms

SharePoint Team Services
Based Web Hosting
up to 10 Users

150 MB Disk Storage 

25 MB Database Storage 

Unlimited Data Transfer Options: Additional 10 Users 

Additional 10 MB Disk 

Additional 10 MB of Databasestarting at $35/month

 for each add $10/month

Additional 10 Users
Additional 10 MB Disk
Additional 10 MB of Database Terms


ASP/E-Commerce Secure Server

Credit Card Payment Options

Shopping Cart

Management Cockpit

starting at $95/month Terms