The power of networks today is indispensable. Simply put, networks allow all of your computers to share each others resources. …and that is very simply put. The truth is, to describe all of the details of today’s networking technologies would take a library of information.

With the rise of networks (particularly the Internet) came many incredible ways to extend information availability throughout the world. For example, with a laptop computer one could connect to company resources from the office next door, living room, or hotel room in China. Whether your need for company information is great or small, the fact of the matter is that networking technology of some sort is a must for any business with a computer.

Our specialties include:

  • LAN and WAN networks (design / wiring / configuration / maintenance)

  • Windows 2008/r2, 2012/r2 and 2016 Server

    • Exchange Server

    • Remote Desktop Server

    • Internet Information Services (IIS)

    • SQL Server

    • and more

  • as well as SBS 2008 and 2011

If you are already familiar with the majority of the networking technologies available then there is no need to convince you on the power and necessity of having a properly and adequately functioning network. You surely already know by now. If, however, you are new to networking… let us educate you in the matter.

If you have a need of any kind, give us an hour of your time (free of charge) and we can discuss what options there are and the costs involved.